I should know more about sex!

When was the last time you’ve had an amazing sex?

People usually asking me about sex! Well, let me cut short and explain what sex is all about.

Sex is a natural part of anyone’s life, assisting people as a rewarding and satisfying part of a healthy lifestyle, whether you like softly or rough.

When an individual progresses from childhood to adolescence to adulthood, their sexual feelings also develop and change as they are involved in social interaction. This sex phenomenon occurs during the teenage years, when puberty drastically alters hormonal and physical changes in appearance become more noticeable by the opposite sex.

You probably know about this, but there are three kind of sexual orientation among us all:

1- Heterosexual: people who are physically attracted to people of the opposite sex.

2-Homosexual: People who are physically attracted to people of the same sex.

3-Bisexual: People who are physically attracted to people of both sexes, whether they are male or female.

It is common, and not abnormal, to have intense sexual thoughts and attractions to other people. Due to these intense sex orgies, male and female may find confusing their sex feelings, since they may think sexually about both the same sex and opposite sex. Again, this is quite common and does not necessarily mean that a person fits into one particular kind of sexual orientation. More than ever, people find their perfect sexual partner, time after time.

How sex works…

When male and female are sexually aroused, tissues of their body parts become filled with blood causing the penis and vagina to become more alert!! These private parts are ready for action. The woman’s vagina becomes lubricated, which makes the male’s penis to slide in and out of the vagina, resulting in sensations that are pleasing to both the man and woman.
Couples of different kinds of orientation enjoy sexual intercourse in a variety of different positions, some of which create intensity between these couples.

The sexual arousal between the partners reaches a peak that may result in an orgasm for both partners. When orgasms are not reached, couples search for a helping hand, like sex toys or extra partners to reach their orgasms desire.

My final words are very should have sex more often, and make sure to safe guard yourselves, by preventing STD’s and other nasty disease. Enjoy sex safely!