I'm A Female Sports Fan—Why Is This A Turn-Off?

woman with basketball
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A female sports nut wonders why a perfect March Madness bracket doesn't translate to dating success.

"…We consistently refuse to take that extra step to meet the ball carrier," I said, "and then get burned for three more yards. But it goes beyond that. Our backfield is just riddled with holes. Our safeties and corners constantly get beat by two steps. And our defensive line has got to put more pressure on the passer. Right now, we're letting quarterbacks have an eternity to make up their minds as to—"

My date looked at me like I had just sprouted three heads. He raised an eyebrow with mouth slightly agape, stammered out a response, and we dropped the subject. After that, we settled into a perfectly pleasant conversation (read: boring). There was no date two.

In case you didn't already guess it—I love sports. A whole lot.

They've always been part of my life. My dad and brother loved all sports, and not wanting to be left out, I needed to love them, too. My dad raised me on stories of the Ten-Year War between Woody Hayes and Bo Schembechler; watching Glen Rice lead the third-seeded Wolverines to Michigan's only NCAA Championship in basketball; and what it was like to see the Tigers win a World Series crown. My three-years-older brother and I competed against each other in everything from backyard soccer to driveway basketball. Gene Tests Claim To Predict Whether Kids Will Become Sports Stars

In high school, I was a starter on the basketball team and an all-state center fielder. I was the sports editor of the school newspaper. And I was stat driven. Always have been. Not only did I always mentally calculate and update my own averages for the sports I played as the game was going on, I also knew the free-throw percentages, batting averages, plus-minus ratings of players on my favorite teams. I'd learned all the intricacies of spread offenses in football and zone defenses in basketball, of skillfully creating a line-up in baseball and power-play kills in hockey. It was all just part of my day.

And I could get intense about it. I had that "it's my way or the highway" mentality and hated when people disagreed with me about why the Lions were losing or who the best tennis player of all time was (Federer, of course). Not much has changed, other than my ability to filter my opinions… occasionally. 4 Ways To Keep His Sports Obsession From Ruining Your Marriage

My female friends always think my mad love of sports will consistently win the hearts of guys the world over. For some reason, they believe this is the magical key that will make men utter, "Marry me" on the first date

This is simply not the case, though. Not at all. Not that I've encountered. And when I tell them so, they're puzzled.

I find that there are generally three reactions guys have to the whole girl-loves-sports debacle: