Love Bytes: 50 Things Women Want In A Man

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Plus, why abortion was the best decision our Angry Single Blogger ever made.

What do women really, really want? If only men could read women's thoughts, right? Well, men should try. Evidently, by "visibly trying to understand" a lady, a gentleman, even if he misses the mark, gets Pyrrhic empathy points. Confused? Read on. (eHarmony)

Yeah, but what 50 things do women really want in a man? (The Stir)

But seriously, what's the one quality all women really dig in a dude? (Hint: it rhymes with conshmiderate.) (Modern Man

The Hold Steady once sang, "Sometimes fake fights turn out bad." When horsing around goes bad. (Good Men Project

Okay. You disagree about kids, family and marriage, now what? (TresSugar)

How do you prevent a total meltdown after a breakup? (Betty Confidential)

Porn is: A) weird, B) sexy, C) gross or D) boring? E) all of the above, but depending on time of last orgasm? (CollegeCandy)

10 (nine, really) celebs with ready-made porn names. (Em & Lo)

Looking at porn in public (on a plane) does not make all porn consumers complete jerks. (Huffington Post)

Oh boy, 8 reasons some women like to date emotionally unavailable men. (The Frisky)

And, why an abortion was the best decision she's ever made (from one of our own writers, Angry Single Blogger! She got a lot of crap for this one so let's not be all judge-y, k?) (The Gloss)

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