Single At South By Southwest? Try These SXSW Pickup Lines

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How to pick up an eligible single at SXSW in Austin.

Techies, film makers and music fanatics alike have flocked to Austin for the annual South by Southwest (SXWS) Film, Interactive and Music Festival. Take it from me, a twentysomething online editor: The streets are flooded with single geeky guys from all corners of country. If your type is nerdy like mine is, then you're in luck, but only if you know how turn networking events—full of freebies and free-flowing, high-proof beverages, in the case of SXSW—into the singles scene you're really after. Here are the best pick-up lines I've heard around town and how to use 'em:

The scene: You've just attended a panel and now you're awkwardly shuffling out. Wait! There is a god! You notice you're stuck in close proximity to a cutie.
The line: "Were you that guy on the panel?"
Tip: Make sure the guy you're approaching wasn't that guy on the panel, otherwise you'll be stuck talking biz. Follow up with "Ah, I can't keep anyone straight. I've met 5 million people in two days! How long have you been in Austin?" Conversation started. YourTango @ #SXSW TONIGHT: Love In The Social Media Age

The scene: You're at a free open bar/ taco tent and you see a hottie waiting to be served.
The line: "This one's on me."
Tip: He'll either think you're funny, and chat you up… or he won't realize the food and drink are free, and think you're very generous. Then, he'll chat you up anyway. Oh, and if it turns out his drink or meal is not free—these sponsored events can get confusing!—worry not. His drink probably costs $3. (Did I mention I love Austin?)

The scene: You're networking with a guy and suddenly realize you don't just have business interests in common. (And he is smokin' hot!)
The line: "So are you traveling with coworkers? Your girlfriend?" You'll turn the conversation personal at record speed.
Tip: See how he reacts to this turn-of-talk. If he seems uncomfortable or cites the GF he's left back home, back off. Then ask if he has any single coworkers.

Single in Austin? Chime in with the hit (or miss) pick-up lines you've heard downtown.

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