What Guys Think Links: Ready For March Madness?


Plus, seven questions to ask before you talk commitment.

Well then. It's less than a week to the world's greatest and most romantic holiday: St. Patrick's Day. The beer is green, the corned beef is hashed and the eyes are smiling. Ahhh, thanks for chasing out all them snakes, Pat. Not to mention... It's time to make your March Madness bracket, or ignore your guy for doing so. As usual, we found the best stuff the web had to offer written by men about love and stuff.

While ZZ Top was very familiar with women's preferences for sharp dressing, they clearly weren't at all knowledgable about what women thought of facial hair According to some scientists (via AskMen), women prefer a smooth face. This probably has something to do with razor burn in sensitive places…

OK, I know we're knee-deep in Lent, but CollegeCandy has 11 things ladies really, really shouldn't have quit for 40 days/nights. Speaking of which, is the movie 40 Days And 40 Nights really going to be Josh Hartnett's legacy and not boning two women in West Village bathroom?

Someone must have lost their mind in Germany (not a good place to do that), because a popular paper has decided to put an end to lady toplessness on its cover. Huffington Post has more on this tragic, tragic day in Deutschland.

"Do you love obscure German porn and news-related erotica?" This and seven other questions should be asked before you decide to commit to a guy. HowAboutWe lets you know what to ask before burning your lil black book.

Is promiscuity really a bad thing? It's probably not a good thing. Good Men Project takes on the word "slut" and its general implication to sexual relationships. It's a very good read and the comments section is very lively.

Brilliant, wheelchair-bound theoretical physicists are just like us. The Daily Beast gives a little look inside the mind of sex club fan Steven Hawking. That's what I call a G-String Theory. No? Is this thing on? You in the back, didja hear that?

Our buds Em & Lo consult their man panel about something very important; the male stance on crazy sex positions: pro or con? While they hash it out, I'm gonna do some Pilates.

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While we're loath to advocate you try to wholesale change a guy, Evan Marc Katz has some great advice about putting a fellow at ease by changing your behavior. A pretty nifty trick towards finding the real him as quickly as you can to figure out if you have a match.

So… he's into the sex stuff and the kissing and affection but not the responsibility or parent-meeting parts. That is weird indeedy. My good friend Ethan Fixell tells the gals of Gurl how to fix this or have the gumption to bail.

Should you wait for him if he's not taking things seriously? Madame Noire asks their resident dude about waiting for a guy to commit. For Pete's sake do not make an ultimatum, that will ruin everything.

OK. You've passed a few naughty notes back and forth. Now it's time to turn that sexting into smashing. A dude on The Frisky explains how. I'd suggest with inviting someone over and suggesting they bring lubrican because lubricant just sounds defeatist.

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