The High Status of Divorce


Is being divorced better than having never married?

Many years ago I worked with a woman who was a Spinster.  She seemed to have quite an interesting life, with lots of romances and the jewelry to prove it.  I wouldn't have done it quite the way she did because in most cases she was an "important" man's mistress and that's not my thing.  Still, she had lots of great stories and it seemed to work for her. 


Or at least I thought it did.  One day while listening to one of her many stories, she gave me a bit of advice that I found startling.  She told me that I should "just find someone...anyone, and marry him".  It didn't really matter if I loved him or even stayed with him for very long.  In fact, staying was beside the point.  In her view, being divorced gives a woman a higher status in society than never having been married.

In her immortal words:  It's better to be a has-been than a never-was!  I love this line. Read more…