The Perks Of Love: 5 Directors Who've Cast Their Lover

The Perks Of Love: 5 Directors Who've Cast Their Lover

'Friends With Kids' actress/director Jennifer Westfeldt isn't the first to give her S.O. a paycheck!

We know there are a lot of perks to being in Hollywood—big paychecks, endless freebies and exclusive ways to stay gorgeous—but sometimes, the biggest perk is falling in love with a director. When it comes to making movies, the men and women in the black, foldable chairs hold all the power. And, if you happen to be dating or married to one of these head honchos, you can guarantee your SAG card will be seeing plenty of action. Cha-ching!

Take, for instance, Jennifer Westfeldt, the writer & director of Friends With Kids, which hits theaters today. She's been dating Mad Men hottie Jon Hamm for 15 years, and... look at that! He stars in the movie. Funny how that works! Jon Hamm & Jennifer Westfeldt Reveal Their Relationship Secrets

Westfeldt isn't the first director to put her significant other in her movie, though. Check out these other successful director-actor duos who've translated their relationship into box office gold: 

1. Judd Apatow & Leslie Mann
Director Judd Apatow must think his wife is as hilarious as she is gorgeous! Since meeting on the set of The Cable Guy (which Apatow wrote and produced) in 1996, Leslie Mann's hubby has given her a role in such comedies as The 40 Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up and Funny People (he even gave their two daughters roles in the last two, too!). Way to keep it in the family, Judd. Their next collabo? This Is 40, out later this year. 

2. Michel Hazanavicius & Bérénice Bejo
Frenchman Hazanavicius wrote and directed the best film of the year, The Artist, and subsequently, gave his wife, Bérénice Bejo, the role of a lifetime. Although she didn't take home the Oscar for Best Actress, her other half is giving her a second shot. In a post-Academy Award interview, Hazanavicius revealed his next film will be an adaptation of The Search, "and it will be with Bérénice." 10 Hottest Couples To Look Out For At The 2012 Oscars

3. Tim Burton & Helena Bonham Carter
The only person who could match director Tim Burton's deep, dark thoughts is his muse and longtime love, Helena Bonham Carter. The two fell in love when Burton cast Carter in 2001's Planet Of The Apes, and have worked on five films together since: Big Fish, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Corpse Bride, Sweeney Todd and Alice in Wonderland. However, Carter has stressed she auditioned for every role: "I would safely say it made it much harder for me to get the part because the director was my boyfriend."

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