The Weird Way Jessica Simpson Found Out She Was Pregnant

The Weird Way Jessica Simpson Found Out She Was Pregnant

The singer found out about her pregnancy in a really unusual way.

Jessica Simpson had a strange inkling she was pregnant with her unborn daughter before she actually knew about the pregnancy. Sounds to us like she's really in touch with her body! It's A Girl! Jessica Simpson Shows Off Her Nude Baby Bump

According to Jess, who is due this spring with her and fiance Eric Johnson's first child, she had the feeling she was pregnant when the idea of going out and drinking with her pals gave her the sense that she was doing something wrong, says People.

"We were going to go all-day drinking. Ride our bikes, hang out. But I started feeling this overwhelming guilt. Why would I feel guilt at the idea of going out and having cocktails with my friends?" she wondered.

To quiet her strange feelings, she did what any intuitive mama-to-be would do and took a home pregnancy test, which confirmed her suspicions.

The couple's baby girl is due sometime this spring, though Jessica noted her baby's size is estimated to be closer to her husband's 10 pounds at birth versus her 6 pounds. She's hoping they can "meet in the middle." Don't blame you, Jess! Jessica Simpson's Pregnancy Has Been All About Food & Tears

The 31-year-old loves being pregnant, but what's been the hardest thing she's had to give up?

"I'm a free-spirited girl, but giving up my scotch? My Macallan 18? That was hard for me! Though now that doesn't even sound good, being pregnant. You crave other things. A big thing of water sounds great!" she said.

Congrats to the expectant parents! We can't wait to find out what they name their future fashionista daughter.

Do you know anyone who sensed they were pregnant before they knew it?

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