Love Bytes: How To Tell If You're A Slut

Some people think that if you have sex, you are a slut.

We are living in the age of nerd rage. Between dudes who make wildly popular social media companies as revenge for breakups and the sheer amount of violent slash fiction out there...yeah. And while past generations may've warned women against dating jocks, maybe you should be careful about dating dorks these days. (The Gloss)

Technology can be used for good or evil. Is her vibrator really rubbing him the wrong way? (Good Men Project)

Some women would rather men share their pain than their pleasure. Ick. (Madame Noire)

People meet in funny ways. A robbery suspect recently called his victim for a date. They'll be telling their kids about it years from now. (Huffington Post)

There is a point to dry humping. It's awesome? (CollegeCandy)

The only way to know if you're a slut is through this flowchart. (The Frisky)

Hey, Bethenny Frankel, try being *nicer* to your husband. Mmkay? (The Stir)

Baby-having is beautiful, gruesome business. Some guys aren't interested in sex after watching their wife go through birth. (TresSugar)

How do you share a bathroom with a, you know, guy? (Glo)

And, Jon Stewart has what could be the final answer to the Limbaugh/Fluke/slut/contraceptive situation. (Huffington Post)

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