5 Things That Can Go Wrong In Couples Therapy

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Staying married for a long time isn't easy, but neither is couples therapy.

If there's one thing those of us who have been married for a while know, it's that staying married over the long haul ain't always easy. Thank goodness for couples therapy, right? Or ... not? An article in The New York Times this weekend kind of blew apart the notion I had of couples counseling being the THE ANSWER.

Richard Simon, editor of The Psychotherapy Networker, says, "It's widely acknowledged that couples therapy is the most challenging." What therapists know but patients may not realize is that the therapists themselves "often feel confused, at odds with a least one of your patients, out of control."

"It's like piloting a helicopter in a hurricane," say couples counselors Peter Pearson and Ellyn Bader. Yikes, that bad? Apparently couples therapy kind of is up there with rocket science — and there are so many things that can go wrong. 

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