12 Secret Single Behaviors We're NOT Ashamed Of

woman donuts

Plus, does living alone turn women into slobs?

6. "I dance around my apartment alone sometimes."

7. "I play keyboard naked."

8. "I eat six bowls of soup if there's no one there to shame me into stopping."

9. "I tend to get into late-night Bravo and Frosted Mini Wheats... I will tell myself it's not bad cause it's just a small bowl...but then lose track of how many bowls I've had."

10. "I like to rent really bad, girly movies when my boyfriend is out of town. Like Letters to Juliet or anything with Jennifer Aniston or J.Lo."

11. "When my boyfriend's not around, I put on his sweatpants/sweatshirt, drink wine out of the bottle, and watch Jersey Shore or Real Housewives. Sometimes I'll make an omelet and eat it out of the pan I cooked it in." 

12. "My recycling builds up (am too lazy to constantly go downstairs to empty it) until I sometimes feel I'm living beneath a great recyclying tower that will topple all around me."

Can you relate to any of these "secret single behaviors?" What are some of your own?