The Best Relationship Advice I Ever Got!


Have you ever been given some seriously awesome advice? Advice that "flipped the script?"

Actually, this story I'm about to tell is probably not about the best relationship advice I've ever gotten, but it is certainly about my favorite relationship advice.  It still makes me smile.

Several years ago, a guy I was dating decided to break up with me two days before a big party he was throwing.  I had been looking forward to this party for weeks because it would be big and fancy and fun.  The outfit I had picked out was perfect.  It was part of a series of important charitable events being held for this specific cause and would be "the place to be" that night...if you could get in.

So when he called to tell me he had run into his old girlfriend who wanted to come to the his guest...and he had agreed, well I felt like I had been punched in the stomach.  This was messed up on too many levels:  (1) he chose her over me,  (2)  we were breaking up,  (3) we were breaking up before this party I was looking so forward to,  (4) I would feel embarrassed.

And one of the worst things was that lots of media would be in attendance at this party, so I couldn't even plan to pretend it wasn't happening because it would be covered in all the local newspapers, TV news, and all over the internet.  Geez. Read more: