The Five Commandments Of Frock Selection For Moms Of The Bride


This post describes the tasks of a mother of the bride

Pre-wedding night terrors are hardly the sole territory of the future bride and groom. Moms often experience planning phase as a kind of purgatory. Etiquette landmines abound and one careless step induces an explosion of flying confetti and tears. Decisions about bridal party, bank accounts to be cleared and locations become a tangle of emotional complexity. If you’re concerned about mother of the bride outfits, though, you can cosy down and put your feet up because it’s all taken care of here. If you’re the groom’s mom, you’ll also soon be glittering among guests collecting admiring peeks.

Thou shalt consider the wedding colours, bridesmaids and each other

Not to infer that the bride’s mom is more important than the groom’s, but etiquette demands that she choose her outfit first. The groom’s mother is expected to find matching attire. This doesn’t mean you need to look like the Olsen twins. Heaven forbid! However, don’t allow your colours to clash and create a uniform formality. Take bridesmaids’ dress swatches with you on your spree to ensure a balanced colour spectrum in the wedding snaps.

Thou shalt complement the bride visually

No, you are not the bride, so don’t wear a Kate Middletonesque white taffeta ball gown with beaded bling. Floor length dresses need a narrow silhouette to avoid confusion among guests wondering which of you is getting married. Select a complementary hue to the wedding dress, too. Within the same theme, it’s well-mannered to ask her approval of your outfit before the credit card swipe.

Thou shalt not overshadow the bride and groom

Weddings are not the place for battles over territorial rights. It’s every guest’s duty to serve as a visual backing for the woman in white. For moms, this means red is out of the question, as are off the shoulder numbers and cleavage flashing bodices.

Thou shalt treat dress code as law

These can become confusing, particularly when there’s the addition of the word ‘optional.’ It’s safer to ignore that complex little extension and dress according to the words before it. In other words if the invitation says, “Black tie optional,” dress formally. Skirt length isn’t the only measure of this, so if your body type prefers a tea length, it will serve as long as its fabric and style are dressy.

Thou shalt wear a custom made frock

This is one of the most important days of your life. Notwithstanding that, a designer ensemble won’t lead to blushing when you turn up to find Mrs Robinowitz wearing the same dress as yours and carrying it off more fabulously.