Love Bytes: Lindsay Lohan on SNL, Breakfast For Dinner & More

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Plus, five ways to get your guy to understand you.

The Real Housewives Of Disney was the only good thing to come out of SNL this past weekend. And it's not because of Lindsay Lohan's acting. (The Stir)

In fact, hop over to our CelebLove blog to read the five things that irked us about Lindsay hosting SNL. Grrrrr, girl, you could do much better. (YourTango CelebLove)

You know how we're not supposed to judge each other? Well, that's, um, wrong. We have to judge. Otherwise a couple of swingers from Arizona will get convinced by their erstwhile third partner to, you know, go online to find a dog to have sex with. If we've heard once… (Huffington Post)

Uh oh, is this Christina Hendricks naked? Would you take nude pics of yourself? (The Frisky)

It's a jungle out there in many, many ways. This complete guide to online dating is clutch. (

Please see episode of Seinfeld entitled "The Contest." A real woman wants to do that… for a whole month. (CollegeCandy)

What happens when your very kinky partner up and leaves you? How do you even go about finding someone new who is that into the crazy stuff? (Em & Lo)

How do you know he's the one? For real. (Glo)

How do you know your job is the one? For real. Maybe you should join The Grindstone's Career Connect workshop! For only $10, you could get awesome insights into your career and become the powerful lady you deserve to be. (The Grindstone)

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