Is Yoga Class An Affair Waiting To Happen?

yoga sex couple

The New York Times says yoga began as a sex cult. What's not to love about a yoga sex scandal?

Who knew the downward dog has a missionary position?

The New York Times, in all its wisdom, informs us that yoga began as a sex cult.

Now if only I had known this in the ninth standard in Kolkata, I would have paid much more attention during yoga class at school.

The Times had already tied itself up in knots with an earlier story about how yoga can be hazardous to your health.

The firestorm that caused made one thing clear — yoga sells well. Sex sells even better. And sex scandals sell the best. So what's not to love about a yoga sex scandal?

The man in the eye of the storm this time is John Friend, the founder of the Anusara style of yoga. Friend, says the Times, had built up a huge following by preaching "a gospel of gentle poses mixed with poses aimed at fostering love and happiness." Apparently there was too much love and too much happiness on his end. A former confidante has gone public about his "penchant for women", "partying and fun" and cheating on girlfriends.

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Written by Sandip Roy for The Huffington Post.

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