Is Taylor Swift Falling For Tim Tebow? Inside Their Dinner Date

Is Taylor Swift Falling For Tim Tebow? Inside Their Dinner Date

The two were spotted having dinner together, and now rumors are flying.

After Taylor Swift was spotted having dinner with Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow on Monday night in Los Angeles, speculation started buzzing about a possible romance between the two celebs. Could it be?! Ladies Love Tim Tebow

The New York Post reports Tim even showed some chivalry to the country/pop princess after their meal and walked her out of Toscanova Italian restaurant in Century City.

"After dinner, he walked her out," a source said. "Then he walked back in to join two other people. I think they may both have been with their agents."

At this point, it's still unclear if this was a bonafied date or a business meeting. But, if these two do decide to hop on the relationship train together, we wouldn't complain!

While Swift tends to date guys who are older and who ultimately break her heart (which she then uses to compose chart-topping hits, of course), Tebow is a much more logical match for her. Is Taylor Swift's New Song About John Mayer?

First, he's 24 to her 22, whereas her former beaus John Mayer and Jake Gyllenhaal were 34 and 31, respectively. Besides, we all know John Mayer has a lousy track record when it comes to being a decent boyfriend (what was she doing with him in the first place?).

Plus, Tebow openly prays on the football field (as we all know), and Swift had a Christian band open on her last tour. These may seem like small details to base compatibility on, but they do say something about how these two would vibe together.

Frankly, we think a Taylor-Tim romance makes a lot more sense than most of her past flings! Would You Marry a Man like Tim Tebow?

Do you think Taylor Swift and Tim Tebow would make a good couple?

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