Love Bytes: Oscars, Dating & Gay Weddings, Oh My!

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Plus, what to expect when dating outside your type.

Show of hands, who actually saw The Artist? Good, good. Glad I'm not the only one who was a little yeesh about the idea of seeing a black-and-white (mostly) silent film. But what does our favorite movie of a fairly weak 2012 Oscar class say about us as lovers? (The Frisky)

What would you do to find a real-life prince? One author goes on a quest to find him. (Betty Confidential)

Whoa. This quote says it all, "Recently, I told him that he is free to do things with other women when he is not with me." How's that working out for you, lady? (TresSugar)

Gotta have faith a faith a faith. What does faithfulness really mean? (Good Men Project)

What to expect when you're dating the opposite of your type. (The College Crush)

There are, evidently, some faux pas when it comes to attending gay weddings. (The Stir)

Any analysis of the efficiency of online dating may be flawed. (Em & Lo)

Are you familiar with the rules of peacocking? Floss it out, y'all. (eHarmony)

Over-texting is a surefire way to get him good and scared off. (HowAboutWe)

What is it about missed connections that we find so fascinating? (Huffington Post)

There are rules of a one-night stand. And here they are in picture gallery format. (iVillage)

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