Oscars 2012: 5 Love Lessons From 'Midnight In Paris'

Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams in "Midnight in Paris."
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Woody Allen's 2011 comedy is up for an Oscar this year. We take a look at what it says about love.

We are super-excited about the Oscars, which are this Sunday, but it turns out that out of all nine Best Picture nominees, most of us have only seen Midnight in Paris and maybe one other movie. Oops. It makes sense that the YourTango staff has a penchant for romantic movies, but does Midnight in Paris, Woody Allen's latest, stand a chance at winning Best Picture? It's a comedy, and a comedy hasn't won the Best Picture Oscar since 1977, which could either be a good thing or spell trouble. Either way, we were all enchanted with the movie, a lyrical love note to Paris with Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams (for a synopsis click here), and think it has some important love lessons to teach us. Here are a few:

1. "Don't be afraid to pursue what will make your heart ultimately happy, whether it's a relationship, a career, or where you live. Owen Wilson's character had a cushy, if boring, screenwriting career, a pretty, albeit philandering, fiancee played by Rachel McAdams, and a life waiting for him in Malibu, Ca. but it wasn't enough for him to be happy. I liked that he had to go on this fantastical trip into the past in order to open his eyes to how unfulfilling his life was in the present. And, at the end, he meets a girl who loves Paris too." - Margeaux

2. "Love is dependent on respect. This movie taught us a lot about history (for real, I learned more about art from this movie than I did in four years of high school) but had several love lessons tied in as well. The most important: the importance of mutual respect in a relationship. Throughout the film, Gil's fiancé Inez constantly brings him down — she questions his desire to write a book (urging him instead to stick with what makes him money), flirts incessantly with an old flame and even cheats. Meanwhile, Gil longs for the past as he is so unhappy with his present life. When he finally comes to terms with what he wants, an unsupportive and unfaithful spouse is not on that list, and he is free to fall in love with someone new in the most beautiful city in the world." - Kait

3. "The only way to find romance in the present is to stop romanticizing the past." - Rachel K. 

4. "Be open to romance that broadens your world." - Abigail 

5. "Women don't have souls? I'm sorry, I know everyone loved this movie, and I actually enjoyed it too, but I couldn't overlook the fact that all the main female characters were either idealized (Adriana: Was she even real?) or nagging harpies (Inez). Why can't the women in Woody Allen's movies have adventures and travel back in time to gather inspiration for their novels? I do think the movie has important love lessons to teach, like that you should follow your heart and be with those who share your passions, but they're a bit obscured. And look, some critics even agree with me." - Natalie

Have you seen Midnight in Paris? What do you think the movie can teach us about love?