Don't Judge Sex Toy Users


I own several sex toys. I must be a pervert or sex fiend right? My sex life must be lacking, or I must be desperate. Wrong!  Actually, I am a happily married, attractive woman that enjoys using sex toys on occasion. I have been using vibrators for years, and let me tell you. It has benefited me in the fact that it not only feels good, but I definitely feel relaxed after using it. Using sex toys has enabled me to become more comfortable with my body, and has also made me feel more in tune with how my body responds to certain areas of stimulation.  The sex toy industry has endured the down turn of the economy for a reason. It is not that using a sex toy is a necessity. It is because the products offer us a moment in time in which we can let go and just feel good. Whether you are single or are in a committed relationship, a sex toy can be incorporated into your life.

For single individuals, sex toys are a great way to achieve an orgasm without the worry of getting an unwanted sexually transmitted disease or for someone who just doesn't have the time to get into a relationship. By no means does a sex toy replace the feeling of a warm body or human intimacy. It is just simple. A sex toy can give you instant pleasure and is fun to use. Using a sex toy for single people is a safe, no strings attached way to get the sexual pleasure that we desire.

For couples, using a sex toy can help to bring passion back into your relationship. It is a new and different sensation that a couple can experience together. A sex toy does not just have to be a typical vibrator or dildo. Couples can also use bondage kits or even vibrating rings that can be used during sexual intercourse.  

There have also been an increasing number of sex toys designed for men. When we think of a sex toy, what comes to mind is usually a vibrator or dildo that resemble a penis. However, there are also products designed for men to resemble the female anatomy. For men who want a more realistic experience during masturbation, products such as masturbation sleeves or realistic vaginas are designed to look and feel like the real thing. Men that utilize these types of products should not be categorized as being desperate or incapable of getting laid. Just like vibrators for women provide a new sensation, male masturbation toys provides a new sensation and experience during masturbation.

To sum it all up, people of different ages, backgrounds, relationship statuses, are happy sex toy users.  While sex toys are not as taboo as they used to be and are becoming more mainstream, there are individuals that still look down at the use of sex toys or have judgements as to the type of people that use these kinds of products.  Using a sex toy may not be for everyone, but always be respectful of other people's personal choices.