Single Heartthrob Gerard Butler Checks Into Rehab

Heartthrob Gerard Butler Checks Into Rehab

After becoming too dependent on prescription painkillers, Gerard seeks help at Betty Ford.

If anyone suspected that Gerard Butler might have been high during his alleged week-long sexcapade with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville, you may have been right, as the 42-year-old actor recently checked into rehab. Did Gerard Butler Have A Steamy Hookup With Brandi Glanville?

According to TMZ, Gerard has struggled with pain management since shooting the film 300 in 2006, and he realized that he was becoming too dependent on prescription painkillers. Supposedly to "head off a full-blown addiction," he decided to get help recently at the Betty Ford Center.

There are also whispers that Gerard may have supposedly had issues with cocaine as well, which is not exactly an uncommon problem in Hollywood circles. Help! I'm In Love With A Drunk 

While he's reportedly not in a relationship at the moment, we hope that Gerard can manage to stay away from the Brandi Glanville and Lindsay Lohans of the world and find love with someone whose lifestyle will mesh well with his recovery from addiction.

Tell us: Did you expect to hear this news about Gerard Butler?

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