Is This Normal? First Baby, Then Marriage

baby carriage

Is it normal to put the baby before the relationship?

When I got married, I honestly didn't know if I would ever want to be a mom. As the second oldest of eight children, the whole idea seemed daunting.  Six years into my marriage, my husband and I discovered we were pregnant and now, a year into motherhood, I know that having little E was the best decision we ever made as a couple. 

But it appears there is a growing trend of women having babies before marriage. According to more and more middle-class women are choosing to become unmarried moms. "In fact, the fastest-growing group of unmarried, young mommas are women with some college education but no degree. Many unmarried mothers live with their partners; the reasons for not marrying vary – some women feel they don’t ‘have’ to marry their children’s father, they don’t qualify for certain government benefits if they marry, they earn enough money on their own and don’t need to rely on a partner, or their partner just isn’t ‘the one.’ Compared to married couples, cohabitating but unmarried parents are twice as likely to break up before the child is ten years old."

Despite the growing numbers, the majority of moms (59%) are married. So wonder if this is the start of a new normal or if this is merely a trend? What do you think? Are single moms the new normal?

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