Unusual Duo: Elisabetta Canalis & Steve-O!

Unusual Duo: Elisabetta Canalis & Steve-O!

From an Oscar nominee to a 'Jackass,' Elisabetta finds love with a surprising companion.

Known as the girl who almost tied down oscar nominee and notorious bachelor George Clooney, Elisabetta Canalis has found love in a pretty shocking new companion.

Canalis, 33, was seen getting cozy in Rome with new beau Steve-O, 37, whose true name is Steven Glover. News of the new couple surfaced late last month when the pair was caught kissing around Los Angeles. George Clooney And Elisabetta Canalis: Plenty Of Red Flags!

A source tells RadarOnline, "They're not serious yet, but they are definitely hanging out, and hooking up. They are trying to stay under the radar, so they mostly hang out at her place and watch movies and order in. But they also hit some low key restaurants around her neighborhood too." 

According to Starpulse, the Italian born hottie brought her boyfriend and star of MTV's Jackass to meet the parents this past weekend.

The unlikely duo was seen shopping around Rome displaying major PDA for all to see. Canalis and Steve-O were seen holding hands, kissing, and taking pictures in the cab with their cell phones.

"Steve makes Elisabetta laugh, and that's her weakness. That was her favorite thing about George Clooney- he was always cracking her up and playing practical jokes on her,” a source tells RadarOnline.

"Believe it or not, George has a little jack ass in him, and ever since Steve-O got sober, he's very sensitive and introspective, so Elisabetta is getting the best of both worlds." Is George Clooney Lonely And Hollywood "Poor"?

The love birds met through Dancing With The Stars, although not appearing on the same season.

Who do you think is a better match for Canalis? Steve-O or George Clooney?

Photo Credit: Kika Press/StarPulse.com