Love Bytes: Really?! Birth Control Argument Hits SNL

Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers on SNL
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Plus, five reasons you're not having sex.

You're on a first date, the chemistry is off the rack, you've had exactly one-and-a-half cocktails, life is good. Then you order the ribs and he recoils in horror as you coat your face in Kansas City's finest and began to resemble a soccer player crashed in the Andes. Evidently. Be careful what you eat on a first date is all we're saying. (CollegeCandy)

But what about taking that first date to karaoke? Hmmm? (The Gloss)

Yangz. What do you when you find out your lady doctor also sells at-home sexytime paraphernalia? (Betty Confidential)

Good news: Most ladies wouldn't cheat even if they were guaranteed they wouldn't get caught. Bad news: The ones who would cheat would mostly bang an ex. (Em & Lo)

Not sure if you caught Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler discuss the silliness of the birth control argument on Saturday Night Live. Here it is. (TresSugar)

Everyone who cheats must have a sex addiction, right? (Madame Noire)

Unless you have mind control because Billy Clinton "shut down his sexuality" while in the Oval Office. (Nerve)

Flirt on Twitter in four easy steps, but don't be an Anthony Weiner. (HowAboutWe)

But if you ARE going to Anthony Weiner yourself to someone read this. (iVillage)

Not having sex? Here are five reasons why. (Huffington Post)

Good news, gang. Ethnically mixed marriages are on the rise. Maybe my children's children's children will be able to stand being in the sun for 15 minutes. (The Frisky)

What do you do when you realize your relationship has booked a ticket to Nowheresville? (eHarmony)

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