What Guys Think Links: Do Men Really Hate Being Alone?

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Love, Heartbreak

Also, how to transition from texting to actually dating.

I really hope this was the year all of your Valentine's Day wishes came true. Seriously, you deserve it. As always, here are some of the best or most interesting things guys, dudes and bros had to say relationships lately.

Ethan Fixell, professional double dater, moonlights over at Nerve. He drops the ten most important things to keep in mind when navigating a two-on-two situation. Keep in mind if you trade there is no backsies.

New friend of YourTango, Richard La Ruina, has some advice for guys on Ask Men. How do you transition from texting some broad you just met to hanging out in person, like a real GD human breathing (sic). In addition to his rules, I recommend not using the words "lure," "dungeon" or "that scene from Girl With The Dragon Tattoo."

Everyone knows what women would do if they were guys for a day: drink as much water as possible and pee standing up non-stop. It's a given. But, outside of self-molestation, what would dudes do if they were ladies for a full rotation of the Earth? Em & Lo ask their man panel to represent the gender.

My new buddy Rob Judge wants dudes to start dating hotter chicks. But first he wants them to honestly answer if they're afraid of women. Women can be a little intimidating. Same with pirates.

CollegeCandy checks in with their resident dude and asks him if "ruining a friendship" by taking a romantic turn is a real thing. Inasmuch as women and men can actually be friends, yes.

Over at Good Men Project, the lonely ballad of an underemployed fellow who gets to watch his wife go to work every morning and then figure out how to spend the rest of the day. I know I'd have flat abs, have seen all of the episodes of Downton Abbey and self-abuse until I was physically and emotionally empty.

Speaking of what we do while solo, John DeVore, resident dude of The Frisky, takes on the idea that men hate being alone. And how we talk to ourselves and how much light saber practicing we do.

Dating books are often about playing games. But which gender benefits most from them? eHarmony discusses confidence and what happens when your date sees one of these books on your coffee table. Practice the phrase, "It's not mine, I got it for a friend."

When should you quit it if he won't commit it? Evan Marc Katz takes on when to give a guy his walking papers if you won't give a ring to you.

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