Should Bobby Brown Be Allowed At Whitney Houston's Funeral?

Should Bobby Brown Be Allowed At Whitney Houston's Funeral?

Whitney Houston's family members reportedly don't want her ex-husband at the funeral.

Bobby Brown, 43, was married to Whitney Houston, 48, for fifteen years before they divorced in 2007. Despite their turbulent marriage that often involved heavy drug use and ended with an ugly custody battle, the pair had a daughter name Bobbi Kristina, now 18, who seems to have the best qualities of her parents. With Houston's passing on Saturday, the weekend of the 54th Grammy Awards, the funeral arrangements are now being made. But, according to TMZ, Brown is being blacklisted from the singer's funeral. We've Lost A Legend: Remembering Whitney Houston

Brown is said to be "extremely disappointed" at the situation, which is understandable considering his daughter is distraught and needs her entire family to be her strength right now. Sources close to Brown say that others have warned him against attending the funeral because "the family isn't fond of him," says TMZ

Houston loved Brown, and despite the fact their relationship didn't last, the couple did share something beautiful: Bobbi Kristina. According to TMZ, Brown hopes differences can be set aside so everyone has the ability to mourn the loss of Houston at her funeral. Whitney Houston To Oprah: I Lost Myself To Bobby

Brown told ABC on Tuesday that he and his family "continue to provide love and support to Bobbi Kristina. She is dealing with the tragedy of her mother's death and would prefer to do it outside of the public eye. I ask again that our privacy be respected."

A Houston family member confirmed to ABC: "while many people in the family don't want Brown to attend the private, invite-only, Saturday funeral, they can't stop him because of his daughter with Houston."

In the end, Brown is showing a lot of respect for both his daughter and his former wife, Houston. We hope they let him say goodbye to a woman he once promised he'd always love.

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