Love Bytes: 10 Reasons Why Small Breasts Are Awesome

Keira Knightley
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Plus, 11 things toddlers can teach you about men.

Kids. They say — and do — the darndest things. For instance, a six-year-old me, after watching the Jim Carrey masterpiece Once Bitten, remarked that his teenage sister couldn't be a virgin because she had had several boyfriends, not understanding the technical aspects of punching a v-card. Shocking, no? But there is a hint of honest in what lil dudes and gals have to say. 11 things toddlers can teach you about men. (The Stir)

D'ya have small breasts? 10 reasons why you're cool. (The Frisky)

Are dudes only into you if you're unavailable? Check out this video. (Comediva)

He has a restraining order against her and a ring for her. Find out the story... (Huffington Post)

Where is the line between trying to improve him and trying to change him? (Good Men Project)

Have you ever been caught hooking up? Outdoors? By a construction worker? One girl has. (gURL)

Co-star of Whitney, Chris D'Elia, gives some relationship advice. (TresSugar)

Go vegan, have some wonderful rough sex. (Nerve)

Sexting is becoming way too common and way too creepy. (Madame Noire)

One woman is sick (and tired!) of the idea that men shouldn't be into weddings and marriage. A good piece. Check it out. (The Frisky)

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