Relationship Fail: I Have My Ring, Where Is Yours?

Relationship Fail: I Have My Ring, Where Is Yours?

Facebook: where annoying married folk make their friends feel like crap.

If you're like us, you avoided Facebook on Valentine's Day since there were probably enough photos of flowers, chocolate and "I have the best guy in the world!!!" updates for you to stomach. Yeah, we hear you.

But, you might want to play it safe and avoid it today too – there could be a chance that one of your status-happy friends got engaged on the most unoriginal day of the year.

Not that engagement announcements aren't great to see, but it's what happens to these social media friends after they get engaged or married that bugs us to no end. Their updates and comments take on an annoyingly smug tone, like they're somehow a higher level of human being now that their attached to someone.

Take, for instance, this Relationship Fail that found last week:

Ah, don't you just love that? Her good friend Jennifer is congratulating her on her recent marriage (and politely ignoring her basic spelling mistake) and Tracy doesn't hesitate to reply with a zinger that cuts right to Jennifer's core. "No ring yet?"

Mean, mean, MEAN! And it looks as though this all went down on Jennifer's profile, so now all Jennifer's friends can be reminded of the fact that she isn't engaged yet. How thoughtful. 

We hope Tracy enjoys living in Kearney where no one will ever visit her because she's a smug married girl nowRelationship Fail: Save Me From Boredom (And These Cookies!)

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