I Hate VDay!


There. I said it. Do you agree with me?

Let me first say that I am not opposed to romance. Yes, there are total cheeseball sap moments, but all in all, I am a huge fan of both romance and spontaneity. That being said, I think Valentine's Day is the WORST mix of both of those things.

You know the day is coming and you know your SO enough to know what they are going to give you (maybe not, but you still know something will happen). I was told "He does something different every year. It's the excitement I look forward to." That's all well and good, but you KNOW that something is coming, right? Why is it romantic that you received flowers? Yeah, he might have wanted to send them to you, but would he have sent them had the calendar not told him to? Would he have purchased you a ridiculously priced box of chocolates if it wasn't February 14th?

I think it is far more romantic (and spontaneous too!) if I am given flowers after I have a horrible day or if it is a day that is upsetting for me (ie. the anniversary of my Mother's passing). There is always the good old "Just Because" reason too. I fell the same way about anniversaries as well. Yes, it is a milestone of sorts, but there is no need to go crazy to celebrate. A "yeah we rock" and a high five is enough. Being 40 or 50 years in is cause for a celebration, but 5? No big.

I was watching the local news last night and one of the anchors was asking people in the mall how much their SO should spend on them. Their answers were "$100", "$200", "350" and one woman seriously said "Unlimited. I am worth diamonds and a car every year". WHAT?! Thank cable for dvr because I had to rewind that and listen again. Yes I heard her correctly. Anyone want to remind this woman that Christmas (where more outrageous gift demands abound) was LESS than a mere two months ago? You really need more stuff? Really?

If someone loves you, why do they wait to tell/show you when the calendar tells them? I guess I will never get the whole Valentine's Day craze. I think the marketing around this day comes from the government. When companies make money, they do as well. See? It's just another way they can control us. Just throwing that out there ;)