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Useful articles, gift guides, infographics and more about Valentine's Day.

Feeling inundated with info about the "most romantic day of the year" and wishing it were Feb. 15 already? Try being an editor for a website about love and relationships! Everybody in the world has something Valentine's Day-related to offer right now, and frankly, I've become more than a bit skeptical about all the hooplah. Sometimes it feels like we've turned Valentine's Day into an obligation and forgotten how to love on every other day of the year. As I'm typing this, I'm stressed about having to run home soon and bake red velvet cupcakes (nope, can't just run and fetch some at Baked by Melissa...not good enough!), and hating that the pressure has gotten to me. Isn't there a way to express love for our S.O.'s without the added stress?

Since wading through the endless Valentine's Day articles, gift guides and infographics is my job, I've become quite good at finding interesting tidbits among the B.S. So, with the help of our staff, I've picked out our 10 favorite Valentine's Day-related links from around the web — here's where you'll find some actually cool, useful information. Oh, and final words: Don't stress. It'll all be alright.

1. Sounds like that new movie The Vow is getting the ladies over at The Gloss to rethink their views on Valentine's Day. They've put together a very decent list of things to do on V-Day if you're alone: Donate money to help stop violence against women, don't eat chocolate until tomorrow because it will be on sale...and more good stuff. (The Gloss)

2. OMG. Somebody actually put together a coherent, scientific breakdown of why Adele's "Someone Like You" never fails to make anybody cry. Fascinating stuff. (Huffington Post)

3. Your guy paid for a date with a Groupon or Living Social deal. Savvy or tacky? I'm on the fence. (Madame Noire)

4. Nine secrets to making the perfect chocolate-covered strawberries. Drool. (The Stir)

5. Five romantic movies that won't make you retch. Some fun, off-beat choices here. (The Frisky)

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