Are Kim Kardashian And Reggie Bush Back On?!

Are Kim Kardashian And Reggie Bush Back On?!

The pair was spotted together over the weekend. Is a reconciliation in their future?

Long before the whole Kris Humphries fiasco heard 'round the world, Kim Kardashian had it pretty good with NFL star, Reggie Bush. The duo was on again, off again, with their conflicting schedules and Kim's life in the spotlight as constant points of contention, but they really did seem perfect for each other. 7 Signs Kim Kardashian's Marriage Was Doomed To Fail Fast

Then, of course, Kim moved on and there was the fairytale wedding and subsequent marriage to Kris Humphries that went down in flames after only 72 days.

This past weekend, however, Kim was spotted having lunch with Reggie at the Beverly Hills Hotel. According to TMZ, the two shared a meal and had onlookers thinking they were back together. They played it cool when fans asked for pictures, but why else would the two be lunching together?

Let's be honest, a meal probably isn't the only thing they're sharing. Reggie Bush Comes Crawling Back To Kim Kardashian

And if it is a reconciliation, we wonder if it's just too soon. Kim filed for divorce from Kris barely four months ago—is Reggie a rebound? Or even better, was Kris actually the rebound from Reggie

Think about it: Kim talked openly in the past about marrying Reggie, but when that relationship fell apart, she jumped pretty quickly into the arms of the next athlete that came her way. They rushed into a huge wedding, then realized they weren't actually right for each other. Now she's spending time with Reggie again? Sounds like she should have been with him all along.

Even though she's a self-professed hopeless romantic, that's no excuse for Kim to be irresponsible with her heart. If we could give her one piece of advice it would be this: let your head tell your heart if it's right next time you fall in love, girlfriend11 Things That Were Longer Than Kim Kardashian's 'Marriage'

Do you think Kim and Reggie should get back together?

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