Why Is Valentine's Day Always Such A Letdown?


How to have a Happy Valentine's Day and avoid the disappointment!

Happy Valentine's Day! Today is the day when couples celebrate the love they share for one another. It's a huge national holiday, and there are a lot of expectations riding on February 14 – what gift to give your partner, where to have a romantic dinner, what to do after dinner... Often with so many plans and hopes, the reality of Valentine's Day often doesn't live up to the hype. How do you avoid that?

In this video, Relationship Coach and YourTango Expert Kat Knecht helps a reader who's always disappointed on Valentine's Day. Kat explains how, as our expectations rise, so do our fears. She suggests that instead of hoping for things to happen this Valentine's Day with your partner, try to just have a loving intention with the plans you make instead.

Whether you just want to have a nice night in with your Valentine or you want to do something special, there is a way to avoid the disappointing crash and burn. Watch the video above to find out how!