One Year Later, Cheaterville Still Calls Out The Unfaithful

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Cheaterville celebrates its one-year anniversary with shocking statistics about infidelity.

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Last Valentine's Day, men and women who had fallen victim to unfaithful spouses got revenge with the launch of

Founded by a former Marine, the site operates under the mantra, "once a cheater, always a cheater." In an effort to publicly shame the unfaithful—and, in the process, prevent further acts of infidelity—Cheaterville allows users to post photos, names, job titles and stories of acts of indiscretion. Hey, this is one way to get over an ex, right? Is It OK To Expose A Cheater Online?

Now in its second year, Cheaterville has more than 300,000 subscribers in its database and has launched two sister sites to offer a complete cycle of support and opportunities for those scorned. On Karmaville, users can connect with psychologists and lawyers to get help recovering from acts of infidelity—or atone to them, if they're the guilty party. The other site, Cupidville, is an online dating network, giving those who've been hurt a chance to find new love. Can Cheaters Ever Change?

Better yet, anyone listed on Cheaterville cannot join Cupidville—at least until they've cleared their name with help from the experts of Karmaville.

The rapid growth and popularity of the network of sites has brought a lot of interesting truths to the surface in regards to cheating. Yes, cheating happens, but the way it's done (not to mention who is doing it) may surprise you.

Ladies do it, too. Of the accused on Cheaterville, 81 percent are women. Even worse, nearly half of the postings about females were submitted by other females.

Blame the internet. About one quarter of the victims who post on Cheaterville indicate that they met the alleged cheater through an online dating website.

February 14. Valentine's Day is apparently a good chance to cheat, especially for ladies—65 percent of those who cheat on V-Day are women.

Office Lust. One in every 3 cheaters admitted that the infidelity happened, at some point, with a co-worker.

Love and Lies. About one fifth of those outed on are married people who described themselves as single on their online dating profiles.

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