Love Bytes: Last-Minute Valentine's Day Checklist

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Plus, a man plans to divorce his wife on Valentine's Day -- live on the radio.

Tomorrow is a big day. It's New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's 70th birthday. Also, there's some holiday involving hearts and love and tenderness. Big question: What do you get the guy who may or may not know it's Valentine's Day? (Sexy Feminist) And, other stuff he might want: 10 Awesome Valentines Day Gifts For Him

Single on V-Day? You too can have fun. (Betty Confidential)

What if you're in a new relationship when Valentine's Day rolls around? (YouBeauty)

In a new relationship any time of the year? You should go ALL out. Ya know, love with abandon. Here's why. (Good Men Project)

Seriously, what he REALLY wants for Valentine's Day (non-material gifts mostly). (Glo)

He probably does not want to visit a museum of broken relationships on Valentine's Day. But on any other day of the year, it's a really interesting place to check out. If you ever find yourself in Croatia. (Huffington Post)

Things to love about V-Day, whether you're in a relationship or not. (CollegeCandy)

Ten romantic gestures that you should borrow from the movies. What!? Friends listen to "Endless Love" in the dark. (HowAboutWe)

And, proof that romance isn't dead. A Kiwi man just won a contest to divorce his wife live on the air on Valentine's Day. Cruel and unusual... (Nerve)

Check out all of our Valentine's Day fun!

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