Welcome To Break Up With Your Ex Day 2012!


A look at what's on the docket for YourTango's Break Up With Your Ex Day 2012.

Break Up With Your Ex Day 2012 is finally here! For all of you who are still texting, Tweeting at, Facebooking with, calling, daydreaming about or otherwise feeling hung up on a past love, today is your day. It's time to cut ties—digitally, physically and emotionally. After all, how can you meet Mr. or Ms. Right if you've still texting with Mr. or Ms. Not-Quite-Right.

As part of our second annual Break Up With Your Ex campaign, we are working to not only help you "break up with" your ex but to also "start over." We are encouraging readers to give themselves a "breakover"—which means taking steps towards moving on from an ex, once and for all.  Can A Post-Breakup Haircut Help Heal A Broken Heart?

Whatever steps you need to take to break free from an ex, we are encouraging you to take them today, which we've deemed the second annual Break Up With Your Ex Day. And we are here to help, of course.

Here's an overview of the resources and events we have planned for Break Up With Your Ex Day 2012:

- Visit BreakUpWithYourEx.com. This is your one-stop shop for all Break Up With Your Ex articles, videos and slideshows.
- Winners announced. Prepare to be amused and inspired as we announce the 10 winning entries in our "Why I Need To Break Up With My Ex—In 10 Words Or Less" contest.

- YourTango Staff takes over Facebook.
At 1pm ET, the YourTango team will be at the ready on our Facebook wall to answer questions and give advice.
- Learn about making love last. At 2pm ET, join author and YourTango Expert Arielle Ford and YourTango CEO Andrea Miller for a special livestream event about lasting love and Ford's new book Wabi Sabi Love.
- Party on Twitter with YourTango and Bliss.com. After visiting our Facebook wall and taken part in our inaugural livestreaming event, hop over to Twitter to continue the Break Up With Your Ex conversation centered around the hash tag #dumpurex.

And, finally, ditch your ex for good!
Join staff and readers who've decided they deserve a breakover—and together we will unfriend, unfollow and otherwise detach ourselves from our exes, just in time to start anew on Valentine's Day.