Marriage and Children - Reasons and Consequences to Consider

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Learn about the good vs. bad reasons and consequences for getting married and having children.

benefit? By doing so, you are dragging innocent souls into this world, to become enslaved by the economic system - raised and groomed like a product on a shelf so they can become productive obedient slaves in a world of suffering and greed. Isn't that sort of cruel in a way? Think about it.

If you are lonely, then get out there and do what you love and go somewhere you love, and you will meet many great wonderful people who can be your friends or lovers. There are many quality people with enriched lives with lots to share all over the world! Among them are many fish available to be your girlfriend/boyfriend or romantic lover. You can find a soulmate, and establish a deep monogamous relationship with him/her. If you last long, you might even get to grow old together. But understand this: You don't need to get married. There is no reason to seek state involvement and approval for your relationship (aka a marriage license). That just gives the government another reason to control you. The less control from them, the better. I'm sure you know that. In reality, marriage is not necessary for two people to cohabitate or be together. It's just a piece of paper and does not create love. Marriage is not about love - it's about duty and obligation, which often puts a damper on love. You only "think" marriage is necessary because you were brainwashed/programmed to. When you analyze it rationally, this becomes apparent.

However, you can get married and grow old with your spouse without having children too - that's another option. And if you need someone to take care of you when you get old, you can always hire a caretaker. It'd be much cheaper than raising kids, that's for sure. Also, there are always other old people to keep old people company. At Denny's and in public parks, for instance, there are many old timers who are lonely and glad to talk to strangers.

Another thing to consider is that the money you spend to raise children from birth to adulthood, could be better spent invested into your own business, real estate properties, savings, or mutual fund portfolio. That will, you can achieve financial independence without the burden of children draining away all your resources. Then you will be more able to travel the world, and meet all the wonderful great people across the globe who can become your friends, teachers and lover(s). This makes more sense, but of course, you are not programmed to think this way.

On the other hand, if you succumb to tradition and family pressure, and give up your life, freedom and resources just to raise some "spoiled little brats" so they can grow up and say "thank you mom and dad" before they ride off into the horizon to start their own life, you will have wasted your life, and will be left as a washed up slave with your best years behind you.

Finally, ponder this: If every generation lived only to prepare the way for the next generation, and never lived for themselves or for the present moment, then what's the point of life? If you live only for your children, who then grow up and live only for their children, and so forth, then life would be just a neverending sequence where everyone "passed the baton" without end. Any purpose for existence would be defeated. See how silly and pointless that would be?

Good reasons for wanting marriage and children

- "Because I love him/her and can't live without him/her and trust him/her."
- "Because I've found my soulmate and am sure that this is the person I want to spend the rest of my life with."
- "Because I do not need many friends or lovers. I only need one stable monogamous partner/soulmate to live together and grow old together."
- "Because I love children so much that I can't live without them. My life would be empty and meaningless without kids. I'd rather bear the burden of them than suffer the emptiness without them."
- "Because my passion in life is to raise a human being from birth to adulthood."

These are more valid reasons for wanting to marry and have kids. They are much better than marrying just for the "sake of marriage" or having kids just to follow tradition and conform to family/social pressure. Such reasons and intentions, if applicable to you, make for the chances of success in marriage and family life much better, than the bad reasons listed above.

However, understand this: Just because you've found a compatible soulmate, does not mean that you "must marry" him/her, for the reasons already mentioned above. Also consider this: To promise someone that you will love him/her forever is a sort of dishonesty, because no one can promise never to change or that his/her heart will always remain the same. That is an unrealistic promise and commitment to make, and a dishonest one at that. You can't control love with a marriage contract anyway. Love runs its natural course regardless of a marriage contract. Being together in love is the most wonderful thing in life. Nothing compares to it. But marriage isn't about love. It's a commitment, obligation and duty. Marriage was not created for love. It was created to secure a proper two parent family environment for children to grow up in, to bring order to asset inheritance, and to give women a sense of security (if that's what they want). It was not designed in your interest personally, but in the interests of children and society.

The Facts and Consequences of Having Children

Here are the facts and consequences of having children that you need to know before you have them. You need to look at the reality here, rather than the myths, expectations or traditions you were fed about children being "wonderful blessings that you will make your life complete". The media brainwashes people by depicting the notion that "getting pregnant = good news". But it