From Our Readers: 10 Reasons To Dump Your Ex

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Love, Heartbreak

Some of our reader's best answers to our question, "Why do you need to break up with your ex?"

As part of our Break Up With Your Ex campaign, we're hosting a contest asking readers to tell us why they need to break up with their ex—in 10 words or less! 12 Reasons To Dump Your Ex

One reader needs to break up with her ex because he dumped her through a letter, and now he's her neighbor (that's a tough ex to escape!). Another reader has finally realized that he's not worth her tears anymore. For many readers, their exes are cheaters who never changed their cheating ways. /inline/node/135275

Now we present to you, our current 10 favorite reasons why our readers need to break up with their ex. Do you think you have a better contribution? Visit our contest page here for all the contest entry and prize details!

1. "Spoiled milk today won't be good tomorrow. Throw it out." - CHARLES J. ORLANDO

2. "Because holding on to his toxicity isn't good for me." - ADELLA GONZALEZ

3. "She enjoys making me feel guilty for being alive." - TOM

4. "If you're just an option, don't make them a priority!" - ASHLEEEY_X0

5. "energy spent thinking about guys is better spent on ourselves." - @conformistdiary