Why Does Kris Humphries Think All Women Love Him?

Why Does Kris Humphries Think All Women Love Him?

Kim Kardashian's ex isn't shy about boasting about his post-marriage life!

Kris Humphries came right out and said that women are crazy about him and that they are lining for a chance to date him since he was dumped by Kim Kardashian. Kris is not suffering from any insecurity nor is he doubting his masculine charms even though he was blindsided when Kim filed for divorce only 72 days of marriage.

And why should he feel badly? After all, he is still a big handsome man who happens to be a professional NBA basketball player – and lest we forget his marriage to the Kimster has also transformed him into a huge celeb! Kris is even pushing to have his divorce trial televised as he attempts to get an annulment on the grounds that he was frauded by the famewhore. This would negate the pre-nup! Of course, Kim and momanager Kris Jenner are fighting this move every step of the way – obviously they have plenty to hide! Considering that the Kardashian/Jenner team controlled everything we saw on the TV show and Kim still comes out looking like a miserable bitch, we can only imagine what Kris could reveal if he gets the marriage annulled and the pre-nup cancelled!

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