8 Gifts That Will Leave Her Grateful


What do you get the woman that has it all? Read this article for great ideas.

So your wife or girlfriend’s birthday is coming up, or Christmas is just around the corner and you have hit that mad panic period where you need to get a gift. It needs to be well thought out, inspired, personal, yet appropriate. But she has everything! These days, we have so many ‘things’ and most of us just purchase whatever we want when we want it, so buying gifts has become a colossal task that most of us avoid until the last minute.
If you’ve been racking your brains and come up with nothing, why not consider one of the gifts ideas below. They range from nice to naughty and you’re sure to fund something for every female special someone in your life.

1. Flowers

If you just want something basic that is a gesture, yet still a sign of your love, you can’t beat roses – and you know why? Because giving and receiving flowers is a rarity now that the internet has become such a massive part of our lives and emoticons are the central means for conveying our feelings. If you like the living gift idea but want to go a little further, get something that has longevity. A plant is a great idea as it is symbolic of your relationships – it will grow and flower over time, and she can take care of it as it develops.

2. Jewellery

Little needs to be said with this one, but if you’re stuck for a gift you can’t beat something shiny, delicate and expensive! Think earrings or even a necklace so you can choose a pendant that means something to both of you.

3. Photos
So many of us have piles of photos from nights out and holidays, but none that are really great portraits of us and our loved ones. A photo session for you and your loved one will mean you can have a great time in front of the camera and have a memory that will last a lifetime.

4. Toys

Finally, if things have got a little tired and you haven’t given her the attention she deserves, what about something that will make her bedroom experience more pleasurable than ever. Head online and find some basic sex toys that will increase her satisfaction tenfold and let her know you feel her enjoyment is paramount.

5. A memory

Channel what you know about her to give her something that will leave her in awe of how well you’ve listened. Did she say she always wanted something as a child but never received it, always wanted to go somewhere but never did? Give her a gift that says I know you, and everything you say to me is important.

6. Just for her

If your wife has spent a lot of her time supporting you and your career – why not help her explore a hobby she loved, but gave up to support you. A camera and lessons, telescope or even tarot card reading lessons – choose something she loves and help her adventure into it.

7. Isolation

Isolation – it sounds like a strange idea, but with the hustle and bustle and demands of every day life, sometimes all she wants is some time with you away from it all. Hire a cabin in the middle of nowhere, get some supplies and hide away from the world together.

8. Lingerie

If you want something that shows her you still think she’s sexy, select something equally as sexy to give to her. Lingerie can make a woman feel sensual and special, so find her something that covers the bits she doesn’t like, highlights the bits she does and then let her show it off to you!