Love Bytes: S**t Girlfriends Say & Downton Abbey Love Lessons

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Plus, why do guys fall asleep during sex?

What's the biggest trend in Anglophile pop culture? Downton Abbey. The show combines the elegance of a Merchant Ivory period piece, the hopeful pessimism of Dickens and the dour matter-of-factism of Masterpiece Theater. Yeah, it couldn't be more awesome. While the show contains some marital anachronisms, it provides an outstanding reflection on relationship mores of yonder years and a few reminders of how we can be more successful in our own romantic ventures. (TresSugar)
Not everyone is over the sh*t people say meme. Enjoy Sh*t Girlfriends Say. (HowAboutWe)
And sometimes a guy will fall asleep during sex. (
Did you know that predictable when it comes to sex is still pretty awesome? Learn more about how Americans feel about sex. (iVillage)
Je ne sais quoi. Zazz. That thing you can't quite put your finger on. What, exactly, is the "it" we're all looking for in a partner? (Good Men Project)
Would you let your boyfriend adopt you (to save a ton of money from a lawsuit)? (Betty Confidential)
The old "stand by your man" routine is a little trickier than just having his back. (CollegeCandy)
Why does her boyfriend ask about her exes while they're having sex? Um, fishing for a favorable comparison? (Em & Lo)
What can we learn from the iconic romances of yore? Mr. Bates NOT included. (Glo)
What are American singles' biggest deal breakers? (
And, why don't you just have a romantic V-Day on the couch with yourself? (The Frisky)
Contest Alert: Why should you break up with your ex?

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