And The Winner Of Our Break Up With Your Ex Contest Is…


We loved reading why you need to break up with your ex. Check out the winning entries!

Since February 1, we've been collecting your 10-word responses to the question, "Why do you need to break up with your ex?" for our Break Up With Your Ex contest. Boy! What a response we got! 

Your entries made us laugh, sigh, tear up and nod our heads in understanding. Out of nearly 400 entries submitted via YourTango, Twitter and Facebook, we had the hard job of choosing just 10 winners. We chose those that poetically, concisely revealed good reasons let go of a past relationship. This list of winning entries reveals two breakup truths: if a relationship ends, it probably needed to—and if it's truly over, the best thing you can do to get over it is to stop looking backwards and start looking forward.

Today's winners will receive awesome get-over-your-ex, "breakover"-themed prizes from sponsors such as Hyde Yoga, and Li-Lac Chocolates. Without further ado, the winners are...

1st Place, the winner of a $250 gift card: "Because you can't move forward if you're stuck in reverse" by KayBeeNC, via Twitter

2nd Place, the winner of a $100 gift certificate: "I don't need his chains, I need my freedom" by Julieann

3rd Place, the winner of Hyde Yoga pants: "I deserve better than being treated as an afterthought" by Erunuevo, via Twitter

4th Place, the winner of a 3-month subscription to "Because letting go allows something better to come along" by Mel

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