Relationship Fail: Save Me From Boredom (And These Cookies!)

Relationship Fail: Save Me From Boredom (And These Cookies!)

Nothing compels a guy to date you more than the opportunity to make you stop eating, right?

A 22-year-old woman in Boston needs your help. She needs to stop eating her favorite cookies, Cool Mint Oreos, and getting a date is the only thing that will make her stop!

Yes, we found this latest Relationship Fail on Boston's Craigslist under "Women Seeking Men." It was posted at 11:32 AM — prime cookie-noshin' time.

Tell us, can you figure out what this single girl is getting at here?

Does she just want a man to come over and pry the oreos out of her chocolate-covered hands? Or does she just want someone to kiss the crumbs off of her mouth for an hour or two?

Either way, this is possibly one of the most bizarre and misguided Craigslist Personals ads we've ever seen. We're sure plenty of men are knocking down her door for their chance to date a bored cookie monster with no sense of self-control. Relationship Fail: Please, Just Let Me Buy You Some Shoes

Oh wait, they're not?

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