I'm Not Physically Attracted to My Husband [VIDEO]


Are you not feeling a physical attraction to your husband anymore? Watch and learn what you can do.

Carin Goldstein offers advice if your husband has put on extra weight and you are not feeling physically attracted to him anymore.  Because this is a delicate situation, you should approach him with compassion and empathy. 

Your husband may be stressed, so you should ask how he is feeling these days and you should be willing to listen to his answer.  It will also be good that he listens to himself talk about himself, maybe being able to reconnect with himself.  If he is not feeling good about himself, it not only affects him, but both of you as a couple.

If you feel that you are not connected to him, it is because he is not connected to himself.  Hope for the best and that he willing to take care of himself, because it important for him and you both as a couple.

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