Rachel McAdams & Michael Sheen Have A Weekend PDA-Fest

Rachel McAdams & Michael Sheen Have A Weekend PDA-Fest

Rachel McAdams and her beau smooch it up for the paparazzi all. weekend. long.

If love was measured in PDA, we'd say Rachel McAdams and Michael Sheen are off the charts!

This weekend, the Midnight in Paris co-stars (who are very much an item) took to the streets of LA for lunch, brunch, shopping, and lots of smooches. And make no mistake—the paparazzi was there to catch ever snuggle and peck, of course. Rachel McAdams "Isn't Shy" About Dating Co-Stars

According to PopSugar, the duo lunched together on Saturday before Rachel, 33, dashed off to do some solo shopping at Dior. On Sunday, they rendezvoused again, this time for a romantic birthday brunch for Michael (he turned 43!) followed by a trip to a comic book shop. What a low-key, charming weekend, right? 

Really though, Rachel probably needed a quiet weekend with her boyfriend of nearly a year since her new romantic comedy, The Vow, premieres this Friday. This is no doubt a hectic week for the starlet! And even though she locks lips plenty of times with Channing Tatum in her new flick, her lips were all over Michael's during their weekend around LA.  Celebrities Who Share Too Much PDA

We'll be honest—as much as we would love to see Rachel reunite with Ryan Gosling, we'll put our real-life-Notebook dreams aside for now. Rachel and Michael are not only completely adorable together, but it's also quite clear that they're totally smitten with one another. They seem to have a great time together, and even after a year they can't keep their hands off each other! And really, what's better than that?

We can't wait to see this PDA-happy pair at the Oscars later this month. And hopefully their movie wins best picture! Is Rachel McAdams Engaged?

Tell us: Do you think excessive PDA is OK, or should happy couples keep it private?

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