Is Angelina Jolie 'Still A Bad Girl' In Bed? Brad Pitt Says Yes!

Is Angelina Jolie 'Still A Bad Girl' In Bed?
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Brad Pitt says that the mother of six still has a naughty side.

With her six kids and devotion to charitable causes, it's almost hard to remember that Angelina Jolie was once a certifiable badass, both on-screen and off. Remember the vials of blood from her ex-husband Billy Bob Thorton that she wore around her neck, the lesbian relationship she had with Jenny Shimzu, and the blood-decorated t-shirt she wore to her first wedding to Johnny Lee Miller?

Although her lifestyle has become noticably more G-rated since she had kids, Angelina's lover, Brad Pitt, recently confirmed that the 36-year-old actress still has a bad side. Angelina Jolie On More Kids With Brad: "I Could End Up Pregnant"

"She's still a bad girl - delightfully so," the Moneyball actor told CBS this week, reports the Daily News.

When pressed for details, Brad admitted that he couldn't elaborate, as Jolie's bad girl behavior was "not for public consumption."

So, does that mean that Angelina is a devoted mother of six during the day and a dominatrix in the bedroom at night? We wouldn't be surprised, as her love of whips and chains is well-documented. We're just amused that Brad would comment on such a personal topic! Is Angelina Jolie A Kinky, Sex Toy-Loving Freak In Bed?

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