Love Bytes: 5 Better Ways To Show Intimacy Than Password-Sharing

teenage couple
Love, Heartbreak

Plus, 10 ways NOT to break up with people.

A recent survey by the Pew Internet and the American Life Project found that one-third of teenagers had shared a password (like email, Facebook, etc.) with a boyfriend, girlfriend or friend. Yikes! No matter how old you are, here are some ways to share intimacy that will not permanently mess up your relationship and make you lose trust in your significant other. (Em & Lo)

Sometimes women feign orgasms. Here's how men are told to ferret out a fake. (Modern Man)

Does the G-Spot even exist? Or is this just a letter to Santy Claus? (The Frisky)

"Why are my friends always single when I'm in a relationship?" (Betty Confidential)

What happens when your mostly-platonic, break-in-case-of-emergency boyfriend dumps you? (CollegeCandy)

Why older ladies are pairing off with their best buds. (Glo)

This goes without saying BUT redheads are the best at doing it ("it" meaning sex). (HowAboutWe)

Love can hit you like a loaded rig of heroin. (Huffington Post)

There are good ways and bad ways to dump someone. Don't do these bad ones. (Madame Noire)

The Catholic Church isn't down with birth control being legally mandatory for health insurance plans. Let's have more babies, that'll fix our economy. (Nerve)

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