Ideas for long-distance relationship gifts


From flowers to sending lingerie in an envelope, there are lots of creative gift ideas

We at KnickerMail headquarters wanted to know which gifts freshen up (or spice up) a long distance relationship best. So we asked from friends, posted on forums and talked to people that are or had been in long-distance relationships in our quest for perfect overseas romance gifts. And here's what we found:

Get physical. Texts, emails and Facebook messages obviously work, but because you're missing a real person then it's tangible touchable things you want to be sending. Medium is the message, so consider sending postcards and good ol' letters rather than emails (or lingerie as a greeting card).

Personal is better than expensive. One lady told us of a simple keyring that arrived in post and bore a hint to a phonecall the couple had had a couple of weeks earlier. This apparently made significantly bigger impact than sending expensive perfumes.

Create a feeling you're together. A good way to feel being together is doing something at the same time. Send your partner the book you plan to read or a movie you really want to watch. Then watch or read it together, and have a call or a video chat to talk about it later. It's almost like coming from a movie theatre together!

Swap clothes. I once left a T-shirt at someone's place before travelling 1300 miles away. And receiving a text that night that said "I'm going to bed in your T-shirt" was just awesome. You could plant your clothes secretly, swap them in almost official manner or trust the mailman.

Remember, smell is the oldest and the strongest of the senses. Give them sweet dreams of you with a pillow case that you've sprayed with your favourite perfume.

And last but not least, send flowers. It's not super imaginative, but blossoms can still show you care even after a thousand times. 

Anything we've missed?