Keeping Romance Alive When You Travel (A Lot)


Absence does make the heart grow fonder, it can also make the heart forgetful.


There is nothing harder than keeping the romance and love present when you and your man are rushing by each other in the airport every other week. Many of us are now traveling quite a bit for work, and while absence does make the heart grow fonder, it can also make the heart forgetful, and that’s certainly not the way to romance your way into a stunning reunion when you finally manage to meet up again. So rather than forget what romance is all about, make it a point to keep it alive in unusual ways.

Help Him Pack
When he’s getting ready to head to the airport, slip something into his suitcase. Remember that the airport has some strict guidelines on items and you don’t want to him to miss his flight because you included something with batteries, but a few pictures, a dirty letter or a skimpy pair of panties with a note to bring them home so you can wear them for him might just keep him intrigued for a few days at least.

Meet Up
While flying in unexpectedly might sound romantic, it can also be a recipe for disaster if he’s hosting a meeting or has to wine and dine a client and ignore you. Instead, make plans to meet up as soon as his business is finished. If he’s done at the client site on Friday, you can arrive on Friday and join him in the hotel room for a couple of nights away from home, work and any types of pressure. By then he ought to know a few good places to visit as well.

Make a Home Away From Home
If you’re able to travel with your guy, bring a bit of old fashioned loving on the road. Encourage your man to stay in a furnished short-term rental instead of a hotel. Then, you’ll be able to cook up some fun meals and the two of you can have the run of the place for a week or two just like you would at home. He can head off to work and you can enjoy a week at home – in a home away from home!

Stay Creative
Most importantly, always stay creative about how and when you see your man. If you are only able to spend a few nights together, enjoy those and make them special. Take advantage of what technology offers in order to stay connected when you’re apart and find fun ways to show him how much you care, and surely he’ll do the same for you.