How To Get The Guy YOU Want


Everything you will EVER need to know!

Have you ever wondered what men really? What do they look for in a woman? What gets their attention, what turns them on and what turns them off? In this article and my within my own personal guide (How To Get The Man You Want) I will share some really useful tips.


1. Shower him with compliments. Yes, it's a fact that men protect and take care of their egos. But this is not the purpose why you'll be giving him compliments. You should be doing this to show him that you appreciate his good qualities. Not only will your man feel more confident, he will also feel that you're making him better. Guys who consider going into a serious relationship find women who make them become a better person. So, whenever your man does something good, commend him for that. Appreciate his looks by complimenting his fashion. When you're out with your friends, let him hear how you brag about him. If he gets promoted on his job, express how much you're proud of his accomplishments.

2. Be his friend. You're wrong if you think that men are just after your goodies. As much as they are sexual beings, guys also have emotions. They are not naturally outspoken about how they feel and what they are going through. Find a moment and spark an intimate conversation with your guy. He will certainly appreciate your effort of getting to know him better. Make him feel that you truly care. Men trust their friends. If they sense that you can be a friend who would listen, you will earn their trust. At some point, you can be his lover, but also always be his friend.

3. Really do not press him to devote himself only to you, too quickly. Just as much as you dislike to have to wait, you need to go his tempo as well. Never create the faux paux of pushing him to offer the "commitment chat" too early on. Steer clear of inquiring with him exactly where your romantic relationship will go or if he could be seriously interested in you. Allow him become more available about the subject when he is prepared. The harder you force him to commit, the much more likely that he will steer clear of you all together. On the other hand, don't be a push over either, know when to call it quits.

What do guys REALLY want?

When it comes to flirting, dating, sex and love, what do they really want? As if the world of dating wasn’t confusing enough, every time you turn on the TV, read a magazine or hop online you get different advice.

Girls, should you play hard to get or shouldn’t you? Is making the first move taking away the thrill of the chase? What do guys really think about paying for the first date and do you owe him one if you accept? Is it ok to have sex on the first date or will he see you as nothing but a booty call?

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