A-List Links: Why David Beckham Can't Walk Around Naked Anymore

A-List Links: Why David Beckham Can't Walk Around Naked Anymore
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Plus, one Super Bowl quarterback's wife strips down and another QB's hook-up is Kim Kardashian!

Does Victoria Beckham realize how lucky she is? Or that her sons are going to grow up with severe inferiority complexes? Her skivvy-modeling hubby David Beckham recently admitted he used to walk around the house completely naked, but now he can't. Find out why: (CelebBabyLaundry)

She may be prayin' to the big guy upstairs for her husband Tom Brady to win the Super Bowl on Sunday, but Gisele Bundchen is answering all men's prayers in this smokin' new Versace ad. Those are some heavenly good looks! (TooFab

She can't 'Whip her hair back and forth' anymore! Willow Smith, why on earth did you shave your head and why did your parents let you do it?! (CelebrityBabyScoop)

Believe it or not, Kim Kardashian may love the NFL more than your boyfriend does – word on the street is she's hooking up with another high profile quarterback! (CelebDirtyLaundry)

Miley Cyrus explains why she jut got a brand spankin' new tattoo... supporting same-sex marriage. Why the permanent ink? (HollywoodLife)

Nicki Minaj is telling the press that Barbie is a wonderful role model for young girls. Um, remind us why you think that is? (FitFabCeleb)

It's a shame if you missed Conan last night with Big Miracle star, John Krasinski. He did the most hilarious impersonation of his wife, Emily Blunt, when she met President Obama! Priceless! (TresSugar)

Speaking of Big Miracle, John's co-star Drew Barrymore has a really big thing for animals... and animal movies! She picks her favorites here: (TheDailyBeast)

WetPaint has the scoop on who Hollywood's "biggest" male actors are... under the belt. We wonder how they did their research? (Wetpaint)

Pippa Middleton is back to dating her old flame, George Percy. But he's no prince... (The Stir)