The Number-One Reason Not To Be "Friends" With Your Ex

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Our friends at explain why you should never, ever stay friends with your ex.

They call 'em an "ex" for a reason. And while we'd love to break up with all of our boyfriends and find ourselves on good, positive terms with them soon after, sometimes feelings get in the way, drama ensues, and you find yourself on an irritating emotional rollercoaster you thought you had left behind when the relationship ended. Some ex-boyfriends can wind up being great friends, especially the ones you weren't with for a long time, or the ones you were homie-omies with before partaking in a relationship. However, others can be a pain, and end up being the guy you're so NOT subtly talking about on your social media statuses and with friends about all the time. Per all the Rihanna and Christopher Brown rumors and drama, know that if your breakup isn't that old and you're both already trying to find some type of door back into each other's lives, you need to be mindful of the things that can happen when you let the wrong "one" back in.

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